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For special occasions…

You can order custom potted arrangements for any occasion, any time of the year. Each potted arrangement is designed and crafted uniquely to your tastes and is the perfect gift for special times through the year.

Our potted arrangements range in price depending on the size. Call or stop by the greenhouse today to tell us your preferences and get a quote.

For the cold months…

Did you know we offer winter plant storage? Our storage service is available to ensure your plants gets plenty of sunlight, food and water to give you a break through the tougher cold months.

Space is available to rent by half or whole table for your plants. Give us a call to find out how much more space is available.



For beautiful and expert designs…

Take advantage of our landscape consulting service for expert advice and beautiful design suggestions. This service can help identify placement for landscape beds and gardens and can even provide custom design blueprints.

For more information and quotes fill out our contact form and a team member will get back to you shortly.

For the seasons there’s not enough time…

If you have too much on your plate this upcoming planting season or aren’t sure where to start, then our seedling starter service is for you. We will get your seeds planted for you and nurture them as they break through the soil until you’re ready to take them home. Let us know what you’re planting and how much and we’ll send you a quote today.


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