Garden Center



Brighten your home…

Have a shelf that could use some greenery? Or a porch that’s looking a little drab? Stop by the greenhouse and fulfill all of your houseplant needs. We have everything from low-maintenance succulents to flavorful herbs to hanging or potted flowers.

Add pops of color…

We offer a wide variety of annual flowers, grasses, herbs and other plants that will give you a rainbow of color throughout all of the seasons. Come to the greenhouse and select your array of blooms and buds to brighten your landscape beds.



Welcome back every year…

Perennials will fill out and bloom faithfully year upon year serving as the staple of your landscape. These perennials are grown and fed so that they will stay healthy and make a vibrant come back every year.

Invite holiday cheer…

Share a gift full of life and love, decorate with nostalgic smells and greenery, allow the beauty of all that grows around to cultivate joy for all of your holiday decorating. We craft unique potted or hanging arrangements for every holiday and offer Christmas trees after Thanksgiving.


Herbs, Fruit and Vegetables

Season, eat and enjoy…

Out of nutrient-rich soil we grow non-GMO produce and herbs all through the year. We have a wide variety of fruit trees, berries, vegetables and herb plants for sale to plant in your garden to keep you stocked up all season long. We also keep some fruits and veggies in our storefront that are pre-picked and ready to take home and eat. Our in-season produce is constantly being rotated and cultivated, so stop by today to see what’s available!