Organic Edibles

Non-GMO Produce • Organic Meat • Fresh Dairy • Tasty Treats

On the Farm…

With the expansion of C+B Farms our team has been able to multiply the organic products we offer. Behind the greenhouse is a full running farm dedicated to raising organic and GMO-free meat. Our product selection continues to grow and is a guaranteed healthy and organic option for your family’s meal time.

Some of our selection include, organically-raised beef and pork, goat and lamb. We also raise meat chickens and laying chickens for eggs, along with other poultry. Of each type there are multiple cuts and options to choose from to allow our customers to choose their preference and have a variety of meal options.

We are also partnered with like-minded small businesses that bring fresh dairy products to our shelves. Stop by for cheeses and milks to pair with locally-made sourdough bread or tasty fudge blocks made fresh every week.

And while you’re here say hello to our mischievous alpacas, Omar and Nicoli, and our sweet cow, George (pictured left), as you explore your hometown greenhouse and farm!

From Soil to Table…

Out of nutrient-rich soil we grow non-GMO produce all through the year. We have a wide variety of fruit trees, berries, vegetables and herb plants for sale to stock your garden seasonally. We also keep some fruits and veggies in our storefront that are pre-picked and ready to take home and eat. Our in-season produce is constantly being rotated and cultivated, so stop by today to see what’s available!

Tasty Treats…

Stop by our store for snacks, locally made treats and greenhouse goodies. We have locally sourced honey, fresh made bread, growing mushrooms, seasonings, chips, sodas and jarred goods to name a few of the items in our fridges and on our shelves. We also have an array of bakery and dairy items to make your mouth water, including cheesecakes, fudge and flavored milks.

Anthony Petitti’s Organic Greenhouse has you covered, whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat as you look around the greenhouse or if you’re shopping for something yummy to take home for the family.

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