About Petittis


Anthony Petitti Landscaping was founded by Antonio Abatangelo, Anthony Petitti Jr’s great grandfather. He bought his first lawn care tools in 1924 and went to work. Anthony Petitti Sr. followed in his footsteps at a very young age, helping in small ways at first. After graduating McKinley High School and serving in the U.S. Army, Anthony Sr. tried introducing one of the very first gas-powered mower to his grandfather. This didnt go over well as you might have imagined, since the very popular push mowers was all that was around up to this point. Great Grandfather Antonio grew accustomed to the change and expansion soon followed. Tony Jr. grew up working with his father the same way. When he took over the business in 1995, he turned his main focus from just maintenance and small installations to retaining walls, ponds large installations and new lawns. In 2003, the company took yet another turn when Tony Jr. and his wife Cindy bought Armonds Greenhouses and expanded into the greenhouse and garden center industry while still operating a landscape company. Sadly, Tony Petitti Jr. past away in a tragic boating accident in the summer of 2005. Cindy has since done everything in honor of her late husband to continue the family legacy. The company is now celebrating over 90 years in the industry.


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