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5 tips for your houseplant in the winter

Many house plants this time of year will start to show stress. This can be caused by one or a combination of reasons. These include dry heat, over watering, little light and small use of fertilizer. Some tips to help you with your house plants…
1. Keep them away from direct heat vents, so the warm air doesn’t blow directly on the plant
2. Don’t over-water. During the winter months, with low hours of day light you can over water very easily. Don’t just water, always touch the soil a finger length to see if the plant really needs water
3. Keep your plants in a south facing window so the plants can get the maximum amount of light
4. Don’t treat all house plants the same. Check each plant individually to see what it needs
5. Plants still need feed in the winter. You still eat in the winter (we aren’t bears after all!!) so don’t forget to fertilize your plants every three to four weeks. Your Christmas Cacti are the only exception, as they don’t need fertilized until August.


organic fertilizers we recommend and also sell at the store are:

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Hope this helps your plants stay happy and healthy though the winter months! Thanks for reading! Please leave your comments and come see us at the store!


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