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Monday- Friday:
8 am- 4 pm
8 am- 6 pm
11 am- 3pm


7am- Closing

Phone: 330-455-5997


Address: 5828 Columbus Rd
Louisville, OH 44641

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6 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Kathh

    Just wondering if you’ll have impatience this year and what are the prices of your annual flats.

  2. Ralph Steward

    Do you sell Black Russian Tomato plants?

  3. JB

    I saw animals outside your shop. Are those llamas or alpacas?

  4. Michael J. Fomich

    Is there anywhere a list of plants you have for sale? I am looking for lilac trees or bushes.

    • We just sold out of lilac bushes we do not have lilac trees very often. We will be getting more lilac bushes in. I’m sorry we can’t have a list of plants we carry because there’s just too many to list and the varieties change on a weekly basis! Thank you for your question!

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