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Bitter cold outside!

It might be bitter cold outside but this is the perfect time to be starting planning your garden and picking out your seeds that you will want to be planting very soon in your germination areas!

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Seed Starting

February is the month that we need to start some of our seeds, those veggies and annuals that take  exceptionally long to germinate like peppers, rosemary and Gerber Daisies and perennials such as Echinacea, Black Eyed Susan and Shasta Daisies. Also specialty herbs and flowers that take a bit long to get to the point of harvest like, stevia, onions (from seed) and mache . Crops that do well in cooler temps like kale, lettuces, spinach and more could be started now also.

Starting Seeds

The secret to getting seeds to germinate as quickly as possible is keeping the soil warm. If you start your seeds in a flat or peat pellets, set the flat filled with peat pellets on a warming mat (a heating pad on the lowest setting will suffice) to keep the soil to an optimum germination temperature. No light is needed during germination, not until after the plants have sprouted is light needed. Then try to keep room temperature between 65-70 degrees F and watch your plants grow.

Don’t get impatient. Some seeds take up to 28 days just to peak through the soil. So don’t get in a hurry, remember it’s worth the wait to see what you have grown on your own from the tiny seed!!


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Greenhouse Farmers Market

The first Saturday  of April will be the last market for our winter market season! Don’t miss all the great vendors that will be on site in the greenhouse! There will be local farmers, bakers, artisans and craftsman as well as the Koine’ coffee trailer outside!!


Offering everything from organic produce, free range eggs, local honey and organic pet treats the Petitti’s Farmers Market has a little something for everyone. A stroll through the warm, humid greenhouses is great for your health in this cold, dry weather so whether you just want to look, eat or shop we’d love to have you for the market 10am-1pm at Anthony Petitti Organic Greenhouse at 5828 Columbus Rd Louisville, Ohio 44641. If you haven’t already, please ‘like’ our Facebook page to stay up to date on products, classes, farmers markets and special Facebook offers:

Ask for Cindy and tell us what you thought of the podcast post or our social media efforts for a FREE prize!


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5 tips for your houseplant in the winter!

Many house plants this time of year will start to show stress. This can be caused by one or a combination of reasons. These include dry heat, over watering, little light and small use of fertilizer. Some tips to help you with your house plants…
But don’t give up these plants are great for cleaning the air in your home while we’re spending so much time indoors!
1. Keep them away from direct heat vents, so the warm air doesn’t blow directly on the plant
2. Don’t over-water. During the winter months, with low hours of day light you can over water very easily. Don’t just water, always touch the soil a finger length to see if the plant really needs water
3. Keep your plants in a south facing window so the plants can get the maximum amount of light
4. Don’t treat all house plants the same. Check each plant individually to see what it needs
5. Plants still need feed in the winter. You still eat in the winter (we aren’t bears after all!!) so don’t forget to fertilize your plants every three to four weeks. Your Christmas Cacti are the only exception, as they don’t need fertilized until August.


organic fertilizers we recommend and also sell at the store are:

                                  Bonide’s liquid plant food $5.99
Indoor house plant food $6.98
Hope this helps your plants stay happy and healthy though the winter months! Thanks for reading! Please leave your comments and come see us at the store!


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December Farmers Market



One of our cutest patrons enjoying some of our organic tomatoes!

It may not be Thanksgiving season, but the theme of today is Thank you Thank you Thank you! We had an even better turn-out at this months farmers market than last month, more venders and patrons! First and foremost, our thanks are extended to our venders, without them there would be no farmers market. We also want to thank all our patrons for coming out from near and far. We at Petittis and all our venders are local small businesses and every penny earned is appreciated. Our final thanks are to Greener Grass Organic Lawn Care for the reusable bags they donated and Bellflower Communications for their work on our marketing and social media. Thanks in advance for the ‘like’ on our facebook page too:! Enjoy learning about our venders and the pictures!

KT Eggs- Dover, Ohio Fresh brown eggs, free range chickens, all natural feed, NO hormones, additives or animal byproducts



Jeff and Sheila’s Apiary- Minerva, Ohio Lip balm, soap, candles, honey, etc


Paw Pleasers– Canton, Ohio un-certified organic dog treats


The ‘Veccitable’ Farm- Alliance, Ohio Un-certified organic produce


Blackbird Meadows Farm- Alliance, Ohio Un-certified organic produce and sweets


Gift Sets by Pearl- Louisville, Ohio


Sack’s Snacks- Waynesburg, Ohio Various sweets


Fichter Farm Produce– Minerva, Ohio Un-certified organic produce


Chef Robert Monter- Louisville, Ohio Baked goods


Pheasant View Dairy Goats– Hartville, Ohio Goat Fudge, shampoos, lotion, soaps


Creekview Ridge Farm– North Canton & Minerva, Ohio Un-certified organic produce


Pap Pap Joe’s– Dennison, Ohio Gluten free chips


Frank Personal Development– Louisville, Ohio Alternative health practitioner


Kim’s Kitchen Organic & Healthy Treats- Louisville, Ohio


The Leaf Lady- Canton, Ohio


Linda’s Sweet Confections– Bellville, Ohio All Natural & Organic


The Vintage Vessel Candle Company– Canton, Ohio Hand poured candles


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